English Daily Workout: The Simple Past: Affirmative Statements with Irregular Verbs

The Simple Past: Affirmative Statements with Irregular Verbs

 English Grammar Lesson and Exercise on Simple Past -Irregular Verbs

In the case of irregular English verbs, the form of the Simple Past must be memorized. As illustrated by the examples below, for some irregular verbs, the Simple Past is the same as the past participle; whereas for others, the Simple Past differs from the past participle. A table of 140 common English irregular verbs is provided. 

For example:

Bare Infinitive Simple PastPast Participle
  begin                                                           began                                                               begun
  find  found     found
  go  went  gone
  let  let  let
  take  took  taken

Like the regular verbs, irregular verbs other than the verb to be do not modify in the Simple Past, but have the same form, regardless of the subject. For example, the Simple Past of the irregular verb to take is conjugated as follows:

I took
you took
he took
she took
it took
we took
they took


Referring to the table of English irregular verbs if necessary, fill in the blanks with the Simple Past tense of the irregular verbs shown in brackets. For example:
They _____ a song. (to write)
They wrote a song.

We _____ the floor. (to sweep)
We swept the floor.

1. did  

2. went 
3. took 
4. made 
5. ran 6. 
7. drank 
8. slept 
9. forgot 
10. left

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