English Daily Workout: Simple Past: Tag Questions - Exercise

Simple Past: Tag Questions - Exercise

Tag questions are formed using the auxiliary did. In the following examples, the negative tag questions are underlined. Contractions are usually used in negative tag questions.

Affirmative Statement                                          Affirmative Statement with Tag Question
  I worked.  I worked, didn't I?
  You worked.  You worked, didn't you?
  He worked.  He worked, didn't he?
  She worked.  She worked, didn't she?
  It worked.  It worked, didn't it?
  We worked.  We worked, didn't we?
  They worked.  They worked, didn't they?

Paying attention to the correct forms of the negative questions, add the tag question at the end of each sentence.
 For example:
    You walked quickly.
    You walked quickly, didn't you?

1.You watched the game, didn't you?
2. I climbed the ladder, didn't I?
3. We pleased the visitors, didn't we?
4. They canned the peaches, didn't they?
5. He received the letter, didn't he?
6. You saw the fireworks, didn't you?
7. It cost five dollars, didn't it?
8. She hit the ball, didn't she?
9. He did his homework, didn't he?
10. They cut the ribbon, didn't they?

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