English Daily Workout: Simple Past: Questions Exercise

Simple Past: Questions Exercise

In both the Simple Present and the Simple Past of verbs other than the verb to be, questions and negative statements are formed using the auxiliary to do and the bare infinitive.

For questions and negative statements in the Simple Past, the Simple Past of the auxiliary to do is used. The Simple Past of to do is conjugated as follows:

I did
you did
he did
she did
it did
we did
they did

In order to change an affirmative statement into a questiondid is placed before the subject, and the form of the verb is changed from the Simple Past to the bare infinitive. In the following example, the regular verb to work is used. The verb to work has the Simple Past worked, and the bare infinitive work.

Affirmative Statement                                                    Question
  I worked.  Did I work?
  You worked.  Did you work?
  He worked.  Did he work?
  She worked.  Did she work?
  It worked.  Did it work?
  We worked.  Did we work?
  They worked.  Did they work?

Paying attention to the correct forms of the bare infinitives, change the following affirmative statements into questions. For example:
      He lifted the suitcase.
      Did he lift the suitcase?

      I paid the rent.
      Did I pay the rent?

1. Did she hurry to school?  
2. Did they carry the parcels? 
3. Did you close the door? 
4. Did I plug in the lamp? 
5. Did they plan the party? 
6. Did we teach the class? 
7. Did she tell a story? 
8. Did they strike a bargain? 
9. Did he meet his friends? 
10. Did I shake hands?

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