English Daily Workout: Simple Past of the Verb "TO BE": Form & Uses

Simple Past of the Verb "TO BE": Form & Uses

English Grammar Lesson and Exercise on: Simple Past of Verb "TO BE"

1. Uses of the simple past

The uses of the Simple Past are somewhat similar to the uses of the Simple Present, except that past states or actions are expressed. In the examples given below, the verbs in the Simple Past are underlined.

For instance, the Simple Past can be used to express actions which occurred at regular intervals in the past.
e.g. Last year I drove to Yarmouth once a week.

In addition, the Simple Past is used to describe situations which existed for a period of time in the past.
e.g. Millions of years ago, dinosaurs inhabited the earth.
      George Washington was the first president of the United States.

The Simple Past is also used to express non-continuous actions which occurred at a definite time in the past.
e.g. Columbus reached America in 1492.
      I graduated from school last year.

2. Formation of the simple past

a. The verb To Be

The Simple Past of the verb to be is conjugated as follows:

I was
you were
he was
she was
it was
we were
they were


Using the Simple Past tense, fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verb to be. For example:
I ___ calm.
I was calm.

You ____ right.
You were right.
1. was    2. were    3. were    4. were    5. was    6. was    7. were     8. was     9. were     10. was