English Daily Workout: Simple Past: Negative Statements Exercise

Simple Past: Negative Statements Exercise

Grammar Lesson and Quiz on How to Change Affirmative into Negative Statements in the Simple Past

In order to change an affirmative statement 

into a negative statement, did not is placed 

after the subject, and the form of the verb is 

changed to the bare infinitive. In the following

example, the irregular verb to speak is used. 

The verb to speak has the bare infinitive speak and the Simple Past spoke.

Affirmative StatementNegative Statement
  I spoke.                                                                                            I did not speak.
  You spoke.  You did not speak.
  He spoke.  He did not speak.
  She spoke.  She did not speak.
  It spoke.  It did not speak.
  We spoke.  We did not speak.
  They spoke.  They did not speak.

In spoken English, the following contraction is often used:

Without ContractionWith Contraction
  did not                                                                           didn't


Paying attention to the correct forms of the bare infinitives, change the following affirmative statements into negative statements. For example:
  I scanned the newspaper.
  I did not scan the newspaper.

      They flew to Toronto.
      They did not fly to Toronto

Answer Key:
1. We did not enjoy ourselves.
2. She did not pin on the brooch.
3. I did not fan myself.
4. They did not empty their pockets.
5. You did not reply at once.
6. He did not go to work.
7. We did not swim across the river.
8. They did not take the bus.
9. I did not shut the windows.
10. You did not run fast.