English Daily Workout: Present Simple: Tag Questions_Theory & Practice Exercise

Present Simple: Tag Questions_Theory & Practice Exercise

Tag questions
The auxiliary do or does is used for a tag question which follows a statement containing the Simple Present of a verb other than the verb to be. In the following examples, the negative tag questions are underlined. Contractions are usually used in negative tag questions.

Affirmative Statement                  Affirmative Statement with Tag Question
  I work.  I work, don't I?
  You work.  You work, don't you?
  He works.  He works, doesn't he?
  She works.  She works, doesn't she?
  It works.  It works, doesn't it?
  We work.  We work, don't we?
  They work.  They work, don't they?

Add negative tag questions to the affirmative statements . Use contractions for the tag questions. For example:
      She walks to work.
      She walks to work, doesn't she?

      They take the bus.
      They take the bus, don't they?

1. I hurry home, don't I?
2. He drives a truck, doesn't he?
3. You follow the news, don't you? 
4. They want a pet, don't they? 
5. She likes flowers, doesn't she?
6. We need tea, don't we? 
7. She answers the questions, doesn't she?
8. He drinks coffee, doesn't he? 
9. I learn quickly, don't I? 
10. It rains heavily, doesn't it?

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