English Daily Workout: Present Continuous: Negative Statements_Exercise

Present Continuous: Negative Statements_Exercise

Present Continuous: Negative statements

To form a negative statement, the word not is added after the auxiliary. For example:
Affirmative Statement                          Negative Statement
  I am working.  I am not working.
  You are working.  You are not working.
  He is working.  He is not working.
  She is working.  She is not working.
  It is working.  It is not working.
  We are working.  We are not working.
  They are working.  They are not working.

Change the affirmative statements into negative statements. 
For example: 
It is snowing. It is not snowing. (It's not/ It isn't)
They are being cautious. They are not being cautious. (They're not/ They aren't)
1. I am not learning English. (I'm not)
2. You are not carrying a parcel. (You're not/ You aren't)
3. It is not growing colder. (It's not/ It isn't)
4. We are not living in Halifax. (We're not/ We aren't)
5. They are not running a race.  (They're not/ They aren't)
6. He is not drinking coffee.  (He's not/ He isn't)
7. She is not shopping for presents. (She's not/ She isn't)
8. I am not cleaning the window.  (I'm not)
9. We are not buying pencils. (We're not/ We aren't)
10. They are not playing football. (They're not/ They aren't)

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