English Daily Workout: What is a Conjunction? Theory and Practice Exercise

What is a Conjunction? Theory and Practice Exercise

This week we are going to be working on conjunctions. But, what is a conjunction? What does a conjunction  do in a phrase, a clause, or a sentence?

Let's see a defintion:

Conjunctions are words that are used to join or link other words, phrases, or clauses.

 1. I had a sandwich and a coke.
 2. Please, let me know when you are ready.

There are three types of conjunctions. They are :

Coordinating, Subordinating, and Correlative Conjunctions.

A conjunction may be used to indicate the relationship between the ideas expressed in a clause and the ideas expressed in the rest of a sentence. The conjunctions in the following examples are printed in bold type.

e.g. We could go to the library, or we could go to the park.
      He neither finished his homework nor studied for the test.
      I went out because the sun was shining.

1 Although
2 in order to 
3 because 
4 If 
5 but
6 so
7 unless
8 In spite of
9 in case

More theory and practice coming. Stay tuned!


CHAPTER 28. Conjunctions
    1. Coordinate conjunctions
    2. Correlative conjunctions
    3. Subordinate conjunctions
    4. Connecting adverbs
         a. Stress and punctuation
         b. Connecting adverbs used to connect sentences
         c. Position in a clause
         d. Examples of connecting adverbs
    5. Parallel construction

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