English Daily Workout: Past Simple and Past Perfect- Execise 1

Past Simple and Past Perfect- Execise 1

This is an exercise for practicing the  past simple and the past perfect tenses.

When to use the Past Simple tense.

When to use the Past Perfect tense.


1.When I got to the office, the meeting had already started. (start-get)

2. Even though she had studied hard, Joan didn't pass the exam. (study-pass)

3. By the time she sent the invitation, the Smiths had decided they wouldn't go. (send- decide)

4. It was a good story, but I had heard it before. (hear-be)

5. When David had made sure the children were asleep, he resumed his task. (make- resume)

6. By the time Bob understood the joke, Hillary had told a third one. (tell-understand)

7. It was then when Carl realised his life had changed forever. (realise- change)

8. He looked at Brenda and for a moment he doubted whether she had told him the truth. (look- tell-doubt)

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