English Daily Workout: Difference Between 'Take Off', 'Put On', and 'Wear'.

Difference Between 'Take Off', 'Put On', and 'Wear'.

 Difference between 'take off', 'put on', and 'wear'.

Let's see these words' definitions first:
  • 1. Take off: to remove, especially clothes. 
            Example: She was so tired, she didn't even take off her clothes to go to bed.

  • 2. Put on: to clothe oneself , to cover part of the body with clothes, shoes, make-up or something similar. 
          Example: I was so cold I had to put on two pair of socks to go out.

  •  3. Wear: to have clothing, jewellery, etc. on your body/ to carry one's hair in a particular way.
Example:  He doesn't like wearing wearing/Janet never carries her hair loose.

Complete the sentences by selecting the appropriate verb either "take off", "put on", or "wear"- in the correct from.

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