English Daily Workout: Difference Between "Switch" ,"Match" and " Fit"

Difference Between "Switch" ,"Match" and " Fit"

"Suit", "match", and "fit" are "synonyms" used in different contexts, so they are commonly confused.

Let's see what each of them mean:

Suit: (related to colour or style of clothes) to go well with; to make someone look good

You should wear trousers more often - they suit you.

Match:   (related to colours, designs or objects) to be similar or look well/attractive together
Those two colours don't match.
These striped curtains don't match the cushions.

Fit to be the right size or shape for someone or something.
That dress fits you perfectly.
It won't fit into the room. The bed is way to big.

Suit, match, fit quiz:

Choose the appropriate verb in the correct form (Past Simple, Simple Present, Present Continuous, etc)


1. suit 2. matched 3. suit 4. matching 5. suits 6. suits 7. matched tie 8. fit 9. suit

10. match.

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