English Daily Workout: Rent & Watch Warner Bros Movies Directly from Facebook!

Rent & Watch Warner Bros Movies Directly from Facebook!

Listening Comprehension Quiz: "Rent and Watch WarnerBros Movies Directly from Facebook"

Facebook users can now rent films through the social network site. The first movie for digital rental is "The Dark Knight", not one of my favourite movies, by the way.

A detail: this service is only available in the USA. So, if  you live in the States all you need is 30 Facebook credits or $3.  If you don't, keep practicing your listening skills with English Daily Workout. ;-)

Listening comprehension quiz:

Have a look at these phrases and check whether you know their meaning. You can double-click on any word and a  window from Answers.com will pop up with the corresponding definition.

 $3 dollars         10 facebook credits      48 hour         credible threat         device
integration         equal a dollar        financial expert         game consoles         has the 
upper hand         in credits     make comments   how to add social ‘hooks’ into their experience           leave the competition reeling           make more movies available       media playing devices        on any given day        renting experiment      streaming movies      streaming subscription        the drop        the rental fee        tv-streaming service        were used primarily in games        won’t be free  

Check your answers here

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