English Daily Workout: Song for Teaching/Learning about Present and Future "Wishes"

Song for Teaching/Learning about Present and Future "Wishes"

The Nicest Thing by Kate Nash is a great song for teaching/learning/revising about "wishes" for various reasons:

First:  all of its sentences express a present and/or a future wish using:  
  • wish + past simple  : 'I wish you loved me.'
  • wish + would  : 'I wish you would hold my hand when I'm upset.'
  • wish + could:    'I wish we could give it a go.'
 Second: the animations are simple but gorgeous and add a nice detail to the song.

Last but not least : it has the lyrics on screen too!

 BUT in case you don't remember much about the "grammar" of wishes here are some resources for further revision:
1. A lesson on the Subjunctive Mood: Wishes

2. A great power point slideshow:

3. Videos on Youtube

by JenniferESL

by ValenESL

and of course, the song: 

and that's all folks!

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