English Daily Workout: When to Use the Past Continuous Tense - Review

When to Use the Past Continuous Tense - Review

The Past Continuous Tense is used:

.  To talk about  an event or situation which was in progress before and after a particular time in the past,
 They were having breakfast, when they heard someone cry.

Or an ongoing action which was interrupted by another one.
Jane was driving and talking on the mobile phone when her car crashed into a motorbike.

.  For background descriptions
The train was delayed again, and there were many people waiting for it  at the bus station. Some were complaining bitterly, others were just talking, reading a newspaper, or in silence, completely unaware of the what was to happen later.

.  To describe temporary situations .
He was working in New York at that time.

.  To be polite using the verb “to wonder”
“I was wondering if you could  me help me” sounds more polite than “I wonder if you can help me”

.  To  describe a repeated action in the past which is seen as an annoying habit.
When Carl was in first grade, he was always interrupting the teacher to get attention.
.  To  talk about actions or events that were to take place, but didn’t happen.
I was thinking of telling Susan about it, but I decided against it because I didn’t  want to hurt her feelings.

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