English Daily Workout: Parts of the Body - Interative Vocabulary Quiz 1

Parts of the Body - Interative Vocabulary Quiz 1

In this lesson  we are going to learn and/or revise the following parts of the body:

adam's apple     ankle   armpit     back    - big toe-    wrist  bottom     breast   calf  cheek   chest   elbow                    
waist  mouth fist   fingernail  forearm   forehead  little toe   heel     hip    knee    knuckles    jaw     lip      little finger
shoulder    stomach    thigh     throat   elbow  thumb      tummy navel/belly button      nose     nostril      palm       shin  

(Please wait a few secs until the quiz loads...)

1.Adam’s Apple       2.Ankle      3.Armpit      4. Back      5.Big toe      6.Bottom
7. Breast/s      8.Cheek      9.Chest      10.Fist       11.Fingernails      12.Forearm
13.Forehead      14.Heel(s)      15.Hip(s)      16.Knee      17.Knuckles      18.Jaw
19.Lip      20.Little finger      21.Little toe      22.Mouth      23.Stomach      24.Thigh
25.Throat      26.Thumb      27.Belly button/ navel      28.nose      29.Nostrils      30.palm
31.Shin      32.Elbow      33.Wrist      34.waist

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