English Daily Workout: Adjectives Followed by the Preposition "Of" - Quiz 2

Adjectives Followed by the Preposition "Of" - Quiz 2

In this lesson we are going to focus on those adjectives followed by the preposition "of". 

There are a lot of them, but these are among the most commonly used ones.

afraid     capable     full      proud      jealous      ashamed      terrified      tired   guilty         aware     suspicious      short

Quiz: Fill in the blanks with the corresponding adjective. 
(Remember they are all followed by the preposition "of", so you will have to write the adjective plus  of)

Example:  Shania is ________ spiders 
               Shania is afraid of spiders.

Please wait a few secs until the quiz loads ...

1)tired of        2)ashamed of    3)suspicious of   4)jealous of   5)terrified of   6)full of
7)capable of   8) short of       9)guilty of        10)afraid of    11)proud of     12)aware of

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