English Daily Workout: The Simple Past: Regular Verbs

The Simple Past: Regular Verbs

English Grammar Lesson and Exercise on the Simple Past of Regular Verbs

Before we move on to the lesson, let's have a look at this great slideshow about the Simple Past:

English verbs other than the verb to be have the same form in the Simple Past, regardless of the subject.

In the case of regular English verbs, the Simple Past has the same form as the past participle. For example, the Simple Past of the regular verb to work is conjugated as follows:

I worked
you worked
he worked
she worked
it worked
we worked
they worked

Paying attention to the correct spelling, fill in the blanks with the Simple Past of the regular verbs shown in brackets. For example:
It _______ raining. (to stop)
It stopped raining.

I _________ myself. (to disguise)
I disguised myself.

Answers to this exercise :
(move your cursor over the blanks: the answers are in white)

1. flipped 2. watched 3. arranged 4. bragged 5. enjoyed 6. supplied 7. reassured 8. waited 9. shipped 10. worried

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