English Daily Workout: Hey, Soul Sister -Glee's Song with Subtitles

Hey, Soul Sister -Glee's Song with Subtitles

"Hey, Soul Sister" - Glee's Song with Subtitles + Idioms + Quiz

Song with subtitles: "Hey, Soul Sister". This is a nice song, and it can be heard on almost every radio. In this lesson you will learn some of the idioms in the song. Watch the video and do the quiz that follows.

>>The transcription has a  mistake which many native speakers of English frequently make. It's at the very beginning of the video. Can you spot it?<<


 Blow someone's mind: if someone blows your mind, it means you find that person very exciting. 

To have a one-track mind: if someone has a one-track mind, they seem to talk and think about one particular subject all the time. (One-track < the mind goes always in the same direction)

To cut a rug: to dance.

To be bound to: to be certain or destined to do something.


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