English Daily Workout: "All About Loving You" w/Subtitles

"All About Loving You" w/Subtitles

This is very good song for learning English -it has several idiomatic expressions worth learning, the lyrics are great and so is the video.

So, watch the video, read the subtitles, and enjoy.

I've selected and provided the explanations for some of the idioms.

Hope you enjoy it.


To take a shot: to attempt to do something, to give something a try.

To pull somebody through: to help someone survive or get through a difficult situation.

Have been around the block:  to have had a lot of experience of life, especially difficult or unpleasant experience.

To lay it on the line:  to tell someone the truth although it will upset them.

Pay one's dues:  to have earned one's right to something through hard work or suffering.

Have been to hell and back: to have survived a great deal of trouble.

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