English Daily Workout: Adjective/Noun Collocations Quiz

Adjective/Noun Collocations Quiz

In this exercise we are  going to work on "collocations".  Collocations are words  often used together.

Suppose you want to describe someone's house. You know you need some adjectives. But which ones? There are some adjectives which "collocate" with (go together with) house. 


a luxurious/comfortable/ huge/ house

You can't say a "tall" house. The word "tall" does not collocate with "house"; it is often used to describe buildings or people.

Have a look at  this sentence:

I think that is the most appropriate ............. of action. 

Action... action... ? Which word collocates with action? What word is usually used with action?

a. path                b. course           c. method              d. way

a path of action?  a course of action?  a method of action?  or a way of action?

The word often used with action is "course": "a course of action"-- the words "course" and "action" usually go together.


Decide which adjectives  collocate with the nouns in these examples. (Only one of the options in each question is incorrect, so you need to select two words in each  of the questions)

Wait a few secs until the quiz loads...

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