English Daily Workout: Present Continuous: Tag Questions

Present Continuous: Tag Questions

d. Tag questions
Tag questions are also formed using the auxiliary. In the following examples, the tag questions are underlined. In spoken English, aren't I? is often used as a tag question. For example:

Affirmative StatementAffirmative Statement with Tag Question
  I am working.                                               I am working, am I not?
  You are working.  You are working, aren't you?
  He is working.  He is working, isn't he?
  She is working.  She is working, isn't she?
  It is working.  It is working, isn't it?
  We are working.  We are working, aren't we?
  They are working.  They are working, aren't they?

8. Add negative tag questions to the affirmative statements given in Exercise 5. Except when the subject of the verb is I, use contractions for the tag questions. For example:
      It is snowing.
      It is snowing, isn't it?

      They are being cautious.
      They are being cautious, aren't they?

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