English Daily Workout: Plural of Nouns Ending in Y Lesson & Exercise

Plural of Nouns Ending in Y Lesson & Exercise

English Grammar Lesson and Related Practice

CHAPTER 13. Nouns: The formation of plurals
    3. The formation of plurals
               b. Nouns ending in y
b. Nouns ending in y

Nouns ending in y preceded by a consonant usually form the plural by changing the y to i and adding es. For example:

  candy                                                                                            candies
  city  cities
  lady  ladies
  story  stories

Nouns ending in y preceded by a vowel usually form the plural simply by adding s. For example:

  boy                                                                                        boys
  day  days
  key  keys
  toy  toys

3. For each of the following sentences, change the subject of the verb to the plural, and change the verb so that it agrees with its subject. For example:
      The party was held downtown.
      The parties were held downtown.

      The society accomplishes a great deal.
      The societies accomplish a great deal.

      The day seemed long.
      The days seemed long.

1. The berry was red.
2. The key was difficult to use.
3. The valley is very beautiful.
4. The eddy can be dangerous for swimmers.
5. The journey was undertaken by pilgrims.
6. The daisy was picked by the child.
7. The monkey is considered to be sacred.
8. The gully is full of water.
9. The boy ran to school.
10. The facility is open to the public.
11. The secretary works overtime.
12. The toy was being sold at a discount.
13. The tray is being piled high with dishes.
14. The dairy opens at nine o'clock.
15. The chimney has been repaired.

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