English Daily Workout: Open Cloze CAE Use of English

Open Cloze CAE Use of English

 Read the following article first and think which word best fits each space. Then complete the  article by filling in the blanks with the correct missing word. (During the exam you can write each word in the correct box on your answer sheet) Use only one word for each space.

Children and Convenience Food
        Nowadays, parents often feel guilty________ they don't give their children healthy food for ________ single meal.  Packaged food is frequently known as 'junk food' but ________ many  instances that simply isn't so. Of course children should eat well, ________ meals should also be relaxed, enthusiastic and compatible with family life today.

         And it's essential to remember that most parents of young children are, by definition, extremely busy people. Convenience foods are here to stay and they can be a valuable aid to the pursuit of happiness.  Parents must seek out the best and aim _________ a balance between real food and practicality.  With _______ these convenience foods, you can balance out the meal by adding something fresh and home-made.  When your children beg for ice-cream, give _________ frozen yoghurt with fresh fruit. Indeed a home where the fruit bowl needs refilling regularly is a home where people eat well.  The crucial point is balance.  _________ is at stake is your child's gastronomic happiness --and your own sanity.

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  1. Great exercise. But; I had two mistakes and I can't find out the correct answer

  2. Oh, thanks Susana. Your feedback has been most helpful. I wonder how many have been left with the same doubts. Thanks, and here are the answers: