English Daily Workout: My 2 Selves, Poem by Ala'a Salah from Egypt

My 2 Selves, Poem by Ala'a Salah from Egypt

This is a beautiful and profound poem written and submitted by Ala'a Salah from Egypt.

My 2 Selves
by Ala'a Salah

my first one ... i lived me there
don't remember .. i did once care
till i made ... my own mightmare
i lost it in the middle of nowhere


i tried to stop and find the right way
but every one ... asked me to stay
"if u'll leave.. u gonna miss the play"
"it's not a matter.. for another day"


and day by day .. i lost my gole
niether more targets, nor any role
they played by me .. as a real ball
and i was looking .. from a narrow hole


it's not me .. it's not my old face
is that my home or a strange place
i needed someone to clear the case
to help me standing on strong base


he was my lord who guided me
holded my hand and let me see
the way i need to get the old me
now i almost what i dreemed to be


common my self ... back to me again
i'll never let u go .. and miss the train
a promise, no more cry..no more of pain

Ala'a salah

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