English Daily Workout: Work-related Vocabulary

Work-related Vocabulary

          In this lesson you will learn or revise some vocabulary related to business or work.

Have a look at the following words:

  • recruit
  • headhunt
  • appoint
  • turn down
  • offer
  • hire
  • apply

              Which ones do you already know? I bet you already know many (even all) of them! Anyway, if you do, well... you might still want to revise them, and if there are some you are unsure of, you might want to continue reading this. Either way, here we go.

       In the first exercise you will have to match the words with their corresponding definitions. In the second one, you'll have to read the sentences and fill in the blanks with the correct word. If  you are brave enough, you might  decide to write some examples of your own. ;-) Ready?  Let's go!

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