English Daily Workout: Open Cloze: FCE Use of English

Open Cloze: FCE Use of English

First read the whole text below and think of the word which best fits each space and then do the exercise.  Remember that you can only use ONE word in each space. The missing words could be articles, auxiliaries, pronouns, verbs in their different forms, part of a phrasal verb, and  linkers. (More FCE - Free Practice Tests here)

  In some cases, there might be more than one possible answer. Look at the underlined word in the text. If that were a gap, the answer could be either anyone or anybody.

                                                                                Shoulder Surfing

Many people now carry plastic cards for various purposes. These cards (1)........ be used for buying things or taking money from a machine. They are also used for making telephone calls, (2)........ later appear on your, or your company's bill. Normally, you can use the number by (3)........, without having the card with you. This means that anyone who knows your number can use it to make phone calls or buy things by phone. The phone will appear on your bill, which may not get (4)........ several weeks later.

At banks, hotels and airports and other crowded places (5)..... people use these cards, a new type of criminal has appeared. Known (6)..... 'shoulder surfers', they look over people's shoulders and memorise the numbers they see. They have trained (7)........ memories to remember long numbers and they often work (8)........ teams and share the information they have collected. One businessman left his telephone card in a public phone box. Realising (9)........ he had done, he hurried back. The card was still there but he knew the number might have (10)........ taken, so he called the phone company. His card was cancelled immediately, (11)....... than five minutes after he had left it. But in (12)........ few minutes, four hundred illicit phone calls had been made using his number.

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