English Daily Workout: Idioms with Colours: Red 1

Idioms with Colours: Red 1

The idioms dealt with in this lesson are:

 To see red
To be caught red-handed
To be in the red

To paint the town red

  Red tape

Have you ever seen red?  I guess most of us have... at least once in our lives. Instead of saying "I got very angry/upset" we can say "I saw red". To see red means "to get very upset, angry, furious".

Have you ever been caught red-handed?  Mmm... I hope not! :-) Anyway, if someone is caught red-handed it means she/he was caught doing something  illegal, immoral or considered to be wrong.  

Have you ever been in the red? If  you are in the red it means you are in debt, that you spent more money than you actually had.

If you have gone out to paint the house red, it means you have gone out to celebrate, to enjoy yourself, and that you will probably drink alcohol, dance, make a lot of noise, etc.

Red tape refers to bureaucracy (excessively complicated administrative procedure) Have your plans ever been held up due to red tape?  Some people see red because of red tape.

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