English Daily Workout: How to Practice Listening with Lyrics Training

How to Practice Listening with Lyrics Training

This is great website for practicing your Listening Skills in a fun way, especially if you love music. The only problem is that YouTube is banned in some countries like Turkey or China and most videos are hosted there... snif. :-(

Let's see how it works.

Choose a song, and select the level you prefer. (My two coins: start with Beginner mode, then switch to a higher level as you improve your listening skills. BUT if you have never heard that particular word it'll be a bit difficult to guess it. If that happens, don't worry, it doesn't matter, this is your chance to learn it. :-))

 Once you select the level, the lyrics of the song will be displayed and  you will have to "fill in the blank" with the word you hear. Each dot represents a letter. In this case you have to fill in the blank with a six-letter word.

The great thing is that the song stops while you are filling in the blank, and starts again once you finish with that particular word.

At the bottom you can read the number of words the exercise has and how many you got right. If you start typing a word and nothing happens, it is simply because it's the wrong word. In that case you can click on the "HELP" tab at the bottom-right.

So, if you want to "skip" the word press "TAB" in your keyboard and you will hear the next line of the song. You need to do this because the song does not play unless you either fill in the blank with the correct word or skip it.


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